Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year (and What I Read in 2014)

Happy New Year!

I'm the sort of person who is always looking forward, always planning something, and I'm so excited for 2015! I'm going to read (at least) 55 books, take sewing lessons from Nancy's Sewing Basket, get more comfortable in my new job as an adult services librarian, finish organizing the apartment (including setting up Curtis's home office), spend more time with friends and family, workout at least twice per week on the ferry, complete Level 1 of the TKGA Master Hand Knitting program, try to learn Japanese and maybe American Sign Language... I've certainly got lots of BIG goals, but I am determined. Just because I'm busy making plans for this year doesn't mean that I don't have a lot of positive things to look back on too. I finished school and started my new career as an adult services librarian; I got engaged; I moved into a new apartment.

I also surpassed my 2014 reading goal of 50 books by 4! Being finished with school and working in a library sure made a difference in my reading pace. In the three months that I've been working in the library, I read 25 books -- half of my goal for the whole year. I set my goal for next at 55. I'm planning on going up by 5 books every year that I meet the previous year's goal, but given how much reading I did in the fall of 2014, I may have set a relatively low goal for myself. We shall see...

Interested in what I read in 2014? Check out my list below! If you want to keep up with my reading on Goodreads, click here.

Read in 2014

Gorky Park
The Bone Season
Blood Lines
Plum & Jaggers
The Name of the Wind
Faithful Place
Vampire Academy
Sandman Slim
Anya's Ghost
Angle of Repose
Broken Harbour
Flowers in the Attic
New Orleans Mourning
Blood Pact
Never Let Me Go
The Halloween Tree
Malice: A Mystery
The Raven Boys

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What did you read in 2014? What are your goals for 2015?
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