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Library Out Loud is a resource for readers, book clubs, and librarians and a diary of sorts written and curated by Kristine, an adult services librarian working in Port Orchard, Washington.

I'll be posting annotations, book talks, and further reading suggestions on the site. Occasionally, I may post a "Kristine's Picks" sort of review, but I don't plan on doing this frequently. Even though there are lots of books that I love and lots of books that I didn't love quite so much, I believe that what you love to read shouldn't be influenced by my opinion. I will be keeping track of what I read (and what I start reading and don't finish) and if you're a savvy blog-reader, you'll probably be able to figure out my preferences pretty quickly.

You are welcome to use my annotations, suggestions, and book talks for use in your library or book club, though I recommend customizing them for your audience. If you are a money-making sort, please contact me before using my material. I can be reached at kristineberg@gmail.com.

I will also be posting about library resources and other interesting library things. I'm employed as a public librarian so I may also be using this site as a notebook for things I think are interesting or deserve more attention and are relevant to libraries, books, and reading.

If you want to know more about me, check out my online portfolio: http://kristinemarieberg.weebly.com/

Updated December 3, 2014


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