Monday, July 1, 2013

First Week at UHouse: Complete

I'm just starting my second solo week as the University House librarian and so far everything is going great. Everyone as been really nice and seems genuinely happy that I'm there. I've already got a project requested (the biographies and memoirs are difficult to locate) and I'm going to pick out the books to purchase for July this week.

My biggest issue is going to be making my library travel time more efficient. The library is spread out over five floors and I spent most of my first two days running up and down the stairs as I found books that needed to be reshelved or pulled. (Another large chunk was spent wrestling with the printer...) Not only did I feel like I spent more time in the stairwell than among the shelves and residents or in my office, but I was wiped out after my first three hour shift! And the stairwell isn't air conditioned so I was pretty toasty by the end of my shifts.

After a long day running up and down the stair!
I'm going to be pretty tired at the end of this year, working both jobs and finishing up school, but it's going to be worth it!


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