Thursday, December 4, 2014


Phew. It has been a wild and wacky year. Most of it has been good -- great, even -- but it has all happened so fast, practically all at once, and has been pretty overwhelming. In 2014, I:

  • Graduated from the University of Washington with my Masters in Library and Information Science (while working full-time with a part-time internship)
  • Finished my internship as the Librarian at the University House retirement community
  • Moved into a new apartment in a new neighborhood with Curtis
  • Got engaged! Wedding is planned for summer 2016
  • Was supportive while Curtis quit his job and started his MBA program at the University of Washington (only 5 more quarters to go...)
  • Started a new job as and Adult Services Librarian for Kitsap Regional Library in Port Orchard (4-hour daily commute from home, including 2 ferry rides)
  • Said goodbye to my beloved Volvo and purchased a new Volkswagen (exciting, yet unplanned and expensive)

While those are only seven bullet points, they are major events and have absorbed the vast majority of my time and energy. Those events alone send my Holmes and Rahe score sky high so I'm very ready to have things calm down a bit, but life doesn't seem to work that way. There are, however, three guarantees: I don't have schoolwork, I will only be working one job, and I am no longer applying for new jobs! I am hoping this will translate into more time reading, writing about books and libraries, and my other hobbies (knitting as always, but I'm also taking sewing lessons).

So, my apologies for the long silence, but I intend to make more noise in 2015.


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